Instructions for Students

  1. For enrollment in the Inter Arts, Science and commerce, the fees given at the time of nomination are prescribed, separate information is given for the office information papers, introductory letters, introduction letters, library cards etc.
  2. There is a separate fee for college abandonment certificate, introduction, library card etc.
  3. Free assistance for books and books can be obtained from the freebies and library fees for poor and meritorious students.
  4. The original fund of the school / college abandoned letter taken at the time of enrollment from the students will not be returned in any condition.
  5. It is punishable to damage the property of the college, breaking the flower, writing it on the wall, spitting yatra, breaking the fan-electric wires and smoking is a punishable offense.
  6. It is forbidden to enter the class without permission and to go to class without coming into the class of Professor.
  7. Honorable and decent behavior towards the girl is expected.
  8. It is mandatory for all students to come to college with their introduction in the “Designated College Dress”.
  9. Only 80% attendance in the class and after passing the examination, the Bihar School Examination Committee (Higher Secondary) will be promoted for examination of Patna.
  10. Students will participate in the cycle and keep their bicycles and motorcycle in the fixed cycle stand.
  11. Misappropriation of fair conduct in the examination hall is clear.
  12. The College Abandonment Certificate will be completed on the second day after completion of all the procedures.
  13. Students should carefully read the details booklet for their own interest and follow the instructions given accordingly. Incomplete applications will be rejected in the absence of required information and prescribed requirement.

Urgent notice
Students and Parents, Teachers and Educators can inform any of the suggestions and complaints received by the Principal, or in-charge, from the professor’s office in the office period. And if necessary, please make suggestions and complaints in writing.